Adding a new vehicle

Log into the website.
On the home page, click on ADMIN, Add Vehicle

Complete the form with the relevant info.

Listing title is the name of the vehicle (listing) which will be shown on the website.
Description is what will be visible when clients click on the listing.

The price should be only numbers, no R or , or . in the price field.
– Tick the blocks next to the “Car features” of the vehicle. This is an easier option than typing the features in the “Description”.
– To save time, do not add the vehicle photos in the “Images” field now, just click on the “Preview car” button at the bottom after you’ve added all the info about the vehicle.

If you did not complete all of the necessary fields, it will show in red. Please complete them as well and then click on “Preview car”.

You will now see a preview of the vehicle listing.

To complete the listing, go to the website Dashboard.
Top left corner, hover over MegaMarx (not the W logo) and click on “Dashboard”.

Click on Car Listings, then on “Preview”, look for the new vehicle you added. Hover over the name and click on “Edit”.

You will now be able to edit the listing before publishing it to the website.

Ensure that the price is only in numbers (no R or , or .)

Body style should be only one of the categories on the home page. This enables the search feature to show the vehicle when someone searches for the type of vehicle they are looking for.
Categories available: Hatchback, Sedan, Bakkie, SUV, Minibus, Van, Hybrid, Sport (check your spelling, it should be typed correctly according to the categories available) 

Add multiple photos of the vehicle in “Car Gallery”.

Add the main photo of the vehicle in “Featured Image”. This will be the main photo of the vehicle shown on the website list. Image type may only be in JPG, JPEG, PNG, not in PDF. The best image shape and size to use is 1192px x 842px (example below).

Add an expiry date to the listing. Select the date as far into the future as the website allows.

Scroll up to the section named “Publish” and click on the button to save your listing and show it on the website.